Corporate blogging

Right now that blog is so common, lots of people use it to check the market's state, as a not-so-biased reliable news source (as compared to the usual tech magazines, that is).

Recently certain companies are trying to influence public opinion via massive blog campaigns, and I find these things offensive when they get past my usual crap filter. Take as an example the IDE wars: I don't care too much which IDE to use, as far as it fulfills my needs. Of all I have checked I stick to Eclipse and IntelliJ, just as everyone. Well, not everyone, because since Netbeans 4 the sun guys are obsessed with spreading the word of how much better it is, mostly crosslinking their own blog posts. I find this way of marketing offensive:

Anyways the new NetBeans is not that good, certainly not better than IntelliJ or Eclipse. You can like it more or less, you can choose to develop with it, but this "dear god, switch now!" frenzy is disgusting.

I don't expect this to be punctual to one company or product but anyways it is annoying when they get your attention and lose your time, just like spam does. Notice, these posts have disabled the comments and trackback so no feedback is allowed.