A One-day Introduction Course to Kubernetes

Kubernetes has been introducing new features every three months since its initial release in 2014. To celebrate that Kubernetes turns two this year, we wanted to do something special.

We are organizing a one-day Kubernetes Master Class in Madrid and Barcelona on December 13th 2017 and January 24th 2018. This class will include two hours of free introduction to Kubernetes, followed by more advanced sessions. The cost of the paid (full) course is €390, but you may choose to register just for the free session. This course will be delivered in Spanish, for an English course please contact us.

The agenda is still subject to change, but will look mostly like the following:

  • (Free) Introduction to the basic components of Kubernetes: Pods, Services, Deployments, Replica Sets, Ingress.
  • (Free) Rolling updates and rollbacks.
  • Best practices with Kubernetes: resource limits, liveness and readiness probes, pod/node affinity and antiaffinity, taints and tolerations.
  • Autoscaling, Autoupdates and Autorepair on Google Container Engine. Multi-zone clusters.
  • CI/CD pipelines with Kubernetes and Helm.
  • Monitoring and alerts with StackDriver.
  • Updates from the last Kubernetes versions: 1.6, 1.7, 1.8.

Parts of the theoretical concepts apply to any Kubernetes cluster, but the course includes code labs delivered on Google Cloud Platform. If you are interested in attending, please reserve your seat by filling this form.