Google Next Madrid 2017

As summer gets closer we got an excuse to get together for fun and tech attending Google Next 2017 in Madrid. TL;DR it’s been an awesome experience. During the keynote we had the opportunity to hear many of the well-known faces at Google like Isaac Hernández, Yolanda Lamilla,… »

La forma más efectiva de ponerse al día con Google Cloud Platform

Lo cierto es para empezar con una plataforma nueva no existe una fórmula que sirva para todo el mundo por igual. A continuación enumeramos algunas opciones que hemos recomendado a distintos equipos, dependiendo del nivel de cada uno. Eventos y charlas (intermedio a avanzado) Sin duda lo más efectivo es… »

Lo más destacado de Google Cloud Platform en 2015

¿Sabías que Amadeus acaba de implementar un nuevo motor de búsqueda de vuelos sobre Google Cloud Platform, procesando más de cuatro millones de peticiones por segundo? Han pasado muchas cosas durante 2015, y hemos pensado compartir lo mejor de este año… »

JSON your resume for science

These days we got contacted by several companies from a couple of big bank groups. As it often happens with new customers, it's a "show me something that you have done" situation, which is totally fine. But with big corporations, it's not just a matter of what you have done… »

Install your Sublime Text Editor Plugins automatically

Last week a guest post on by Wes Bos introduced a great list of plugins to use with Sublime Text Editor. It's hard to keep track of all these by hand, so we decided to include them in our dotfiles repository, which basically can be reduced to two… »

Let's play Twitter Roulette

This is one of these things that should exist, but didn't. An application to pick a random tweet, given a search expression: It's extremely useful for IT events and promotions, but after googling for all the possible combinations of "Twitter Draw", "Twitter Roulette" and "Twitter Lottery", we finally gave up.… »