Our own dotfiles repository

Every time we have to install a new laptop for scratch, we are all like...

You go first, bro

Seriously, it's scary waters. There is a long distance between a vanilla Ubuntu install and a working station with all we need in a typical day, from gimp to node or ruby. This year of the horse we decided to finally open this patient and put together a dotfiles repository of our own.

What you can expect in this repository:

  • Ubuntu. There are a lot of existing repositories out there for Mac, this one is for Ubuntu because that is how we roll.
  • Pre-alpha quality. This is a work in process, so expect things to be broken frequently and fixed eventually.
  • It's a moving target. We are experimenting a lot in this repository: nvm, tmuxinator, bash alternatives. You can always find the last experiment that left us happy, but will it be there for long? Who knows.
  • We are a polyglot house of crazy. 90% of our time is spent with node.js and Java, but you can also find some configuration for Ruby and Python.
  • Pragmatic. some of these tools are not open source: Google Chrome, Sublime Text Editor, Dropbox, or our favorite font stack. We are adopting compromises to install these from an open dotfiles repository.

We do not expect this repository to be used "as is", but more like a starting point for your own customizations. Go and give it a try, and if you find something we should know about drop us a line on Twitter.