Google Next Madrid 2017

As summer gets closer we got an excuse to get together for fun and tech attending Google Next 2017 in Madrid. TL;DR it’s been an awesome experience.

During the keynote we had the opportunity to hear many of the well-known faces at Google like Isaac Hernández, Yolanda Lamilla, Javier Cañadillas, Israel Olalla and many others.

Google Next Madrid

After the keynote, the breakout sessions started. We had to pick our favorites from a list with plenty of variety and quality - and buddy, making decisions is hard. The whole of Google Cloud was there, which is a lot to digest in just one day.

Some of our favorites were the Machine Learning talk from Almo (spectacular intro to ML Services like Speech or Vision API) and the CI/CD talk from our former colleague Nacho Coloma (how to add Kubernetes and containers to your Jenkins pipeline, building a new container with each tag or merged branch). Impressive stuff.

There was a bit of everything: what makes BigQuery different from other Big Data solutions, how does Spanner work internally (and how to make CAP work in a real system), the brand new world of possibilities with Cloud Functions, making your Hadoop and Spark life easier with Dataproc, and awesome t-shirt designs like you can only find in nerd royalty… Lots of stuff for just a day.

A total of 18 sessions, of which we were missing two out of every three. But the recordings will be online, there is still time to learn, and we really enjoyed our time together. We will repeat for the next event, and hope to see you there as well.

Until the Next Google Next :)