Guess who is the first SpringSource partner in Spain

Yep. We are.

These last weeks have been like playing the violin with one hand while running across a Super Bowl match - with the ball -, but results are finally here: we are quite excited to announce the partnership between Extrema Sistemas and SpringSource.
Concentrate in your training
This agreement is the conclusion of lots of work on both sides, notably Sergi Almar who started the whole thing in the first place. Extrema Sistemas will be delivering the SpringSource official courses in Spain, starting in Madrid on Apr 27-30 and later in Barcelona on May 25-28.

On a related note, I will be in Tenerife on May 4-8 to deliver our Agile Project Management Course on-site for a coalition of software development companies. It will be a full house, and as an interesting extra I will give a quick talk (well, "quick" be pronounced as "like two hours") at my former University.

I am really excited with the perspective of looking at my old college rooms from the other side :)