Install your Sublime Text Editor Plugins automatically

Last week a guest post on by Wes Bos introduced a great list of plugins to use with Sublime Text Editor. It's hard to keep track of all these by hand, so we decided to include them in our dotfiles repository, which basically can be reduced to two… »

Let's play Twitter Roulette

This is one of these things that should exist, but didn't. An application to pick a random tweet, given a search expression: It's extremely useful for IT events and promotions, but after googling for all the possible combinations of "Twitter Draw", "Twitter Roulette" and "Twitter Lottery", we finally gave up.… »

It's all about the little details: Inbox by GMail

We just got our hands on an invitation to try Inbox by GMail. Inbox is a great tool that reinvents the way of interacting with e-mail, but you can read about that elsewhere. We are going to focus exclusively on the little details included in its awesome interface. TL;DR… »

Si eres parte de un GDG, tienes un 30% de descuento

Esta semana hemos anunciado el curso oficial de Google Cloud Platform, perfecto para el que desea aprender o profundizar en los cinco productos que componen la plataforma cloud más potente en la actualidad. Hoy anunciamos algo aún mejor: Si eres miembro de uno de los 24 GDGs que existen en… »

The official Google Cloud Platform Training Course (CP300) is finally in Spain

We have been working hard for an entire year to announce this: starting November, Extrema Sistemas is one of the first training companies in Europe to offer the Official Google Cloud Platform Qualification Course (otherwise known as CP300). CP300 is a comprehensive course that covers five different products of the… »

Our own dotfiles repository

Every time we have to install a new laptop for scratch, we are all like... Seriously, it's scary waters. There is a long distance between a vanilla Ubuntu install and a working station with all we need in a typical day, from gimp to node or ruby. This year of… »