Extrema Sistemas is a Google Cloud Platform Partner

We were already playing with the Google Cloud Platform before it was cool. This week Gartner has reported that Google is silently stealing the show away from Amazon. Now we are proud to announce that we are officially a Google Cloud Services partner. This comes in addition to having a… »

Developing Java web apps with a lightweight IDE

"Damn, my IDE is too fast" — Nobody, ever. We spend a lot of time hacking with our Java IDEs (IntelliJ and Eclipse) trying to find the fastest development setting. In this sense web app development is a bitch, because IDEs come only in two flavors: Java SE edition: valid… »

Un GDE en nuestras filas

El programa Google Developer Expert reconoce la trayectoria profesional de sus miembros. Los GDEs participan en eventos locales y globales, tienen bastante presencia online y un background técnico validado por Google. En 2014 Nacho Coloma ha sido incluido oficialmente en el programa GDE Cloud Platform. Esto ha sido resultado de… »

Content-Security-Policy, Browser Extensions and JavaScript Templates

A couple of weeks ago I started seeing weird advertisements on some pages. I didn't pay it too much attention, but it was obviously wrong since some ads where displaying even in Youtube (as in, interrupting the Youtube video). Then one day I received this e-mail in my inbox: This… »

Running long tasks in App Engine for Java

Processing an unknown number of results in App Engine is a problem. "Unknown" means "potentially long-lived", and "potentially long-lived" is a ticket to pain. The problem App Engine is designed to scale by enforcing some requirements like short-lived requests: any query will timeout after 60 seconds for front-end requests and… »

Analytics y Github

Hace un mes no había ninguna forma de vincular Analytics con tus proyectos en Github más allá de crearte un proyecto de documentación github.io, bastante lío para proyectos simples que con un README.md tendrían suficiente. Eran días oscuros. Bienvenidos a 2014. GA-Beacon Ilya Gregorik, el experto en rendimiento… »